SeamlessDesk Knowledge Base

Help your customers find answers to their questions with Knowledge Base

What took multiple software platforms before, can now all be done with SeamlessDesk's Service Desk software.  


Customizable Knowledge Base

Create a fully customizable knowledge base, enabling your customers to find answers to basic or common questions, thus saving your support staff hundreds of hours per year. Learn more about how SeamlessDesk's Knowledge Base can help your customers quickly and easily find answers to their support-related questions.

Create Beautiful Articles

SeamlessDesk's Knowledge Base supports a rich text editor, allowing you to create stunning articles quickly and easily. Add all of the necessary media elements that you need to enhance your articles, making them easier to read and understand.

Enhanced Searching Capability

SeamlessDesk's Knowledge Base includes a powerful custom search engine, allowing users to quickly and efficiently find support articles that they need, all without the need for metadata or tags. The SeamlessDesk Knowledge Base algorithm will search for keywords and phrases in your articles and then suggest articles for your customers based on their search terms. This saves you and your team time when creating articles and saves your customers time when searching for articles that they are looking for.

"Perfectly featured help desk ticketing, asset tracking, and knowledge-base software I could find. SeamlessDesk is cost-effective and meets all of our needs."
Louis K.
IT Manager

Article Recommendations

SeamlessDesk's Knowledge Base comes with predictive searching and article recommendations so that users can find answers to their questions before submitting tickets. When your customers create a ticket and start typing their questions or explaining their issue, SeamlessDesk's Knowledge Base platform will display articles that might provide answers or solutions to their problems. This saves your support teams countless hours per week by preventing the resubmission of tickets that have already been answered in the past and highlighted in support articles.

Ticket Status

With SeamlessDesk's Knowledge Base, your customers can quickly and easily check their ticket status, respond to updates from your support teams, and track the progress of their tickets in real-time.