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All the IT Service Desk software your business needs at a price you can afford.

Every SeamlessDesk subscription includes all of the following features:

Fully-Featured Help Desk Platform

Designed to meet ITIL standards, SeamlessDesk's Help Desk ticking system streamlines your workflows with an intuitive and easy to use ticketing solution.

Ticket Assignments

To successfully manage ticket inflow, your team must know where and how to distribute tickets. Help Desk lets you categorize, prioritize, and assign tickets easily. 

Workflow Automation

Automation Rules allow you to create fully customizable workflows that will trigger when specific criteria are met, enabling you and your team to stay focused on what’s important.


Agents and end-users can generate tickets and requests quickly and easily via the web portal, the self-service portal, email, the mobile application, or social media platforms.

Self-Service Portal

Grant self-service portal access to your end-users so that they can search your Knowledge Base, submit tickets, view the status of a current ticket, and more. 

Robust ITAM Software

SeamlessDesk's Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) is a comprehensive inventory system that allows you to store every asset and its associated attributes that need management. This can apply to both IT assets and non-IT (fixed) assets.

Asset Management

Asset Management allows you to associate and track assets through their life cycle. Additionally, assets can be associated to end-users, tickets, projects, changes, and more.

Contract Management

Contract management enables the management of contracts with customers, vendors, partners, or contractors. Approve new contracts, receive alerts for expiring contracts, and more.

Software Management

Software management allows organizations to monitor, track, and assign software licenses with ease. Assign licenses to users and hardware, track used and unused licenses, and more.  

Vendor Management

Track and monitor all of your vendors, allowing you to maintain relationships, optimize performance, reduce costs, increase speed, and more. 

Purpose-Build ITSM Solutions

SeamlessDesk's Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) is a powerful software suite designed to streamline your internal processes and save your team time and money. Offering software modules like Project Management, Change Management, Incident Management, and more, you will have everything you need at a price you can afford.

Project Management

Project Management is purpose-built to help your team plan, organize, manage, and complete internal IT projects. Works in conjunction with other modules, allowing you to associate tickets, assets, changes, and more.

Change Management

Change Management focuses on people and how they are affected by changes made within your organization. Effectively develop strategies and plans to communicate and prepare end-users for upcoming changes. 

Problem Management

Problem Management allows you to find and fix problems within the organization; it also empowers you to identify and understand the underlying causes. Once rooted out, you can develop strategies to prevent future occurrences.

Incident Management

Incident Management is focused on returning the performance of your organization’s services to normal. Monitoring and tracking incidents with Incident Management will assist your team and speed up your recovery times. 

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A powerful ticketing tool, designed and built to streamline your business’s customer support objectives–regardless of the size of your company. Learn more about how SeamlessDesk can help optimize your company’s business processes and improve customer satisfaction.

Simplify the management and inventory tracking of your company-owned hardware and software. Quickly and easily check-in and out your assets, enabling efficiency and improvement of a critical business process. See how SeamlessDesk’s Asset Manager can improve your company’s processes and help manage your company’s assets.

Fully-featured ITSM software solutions like Project Management, Change Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, Release Management, and Knowledge Management help structure your organizational processes, improve team efficiently, reduce IT costs, and improve the overall quality of service. Learn more about how SeamlessDesk’s tailor-made ITSM solutions can help your business

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