SeamlessDesk Help Desk

Work Smarter, Not Harder with Help Desk

What took multiple software platforms before, can now all be done with SeamlessDesk's Service Desk software.  

Rich Notifications

SeamlessDesk's notifications are a great way to keep informed of ticket changes or provide updates as they happen. With advanced push notifications built-in, the moment there is a change to a ticket, or if a new ticket is submitted, you will be immediately notified. No longer do you have to check if a customer has responded to your ticket by checking it constantly—as soon as they reply, you will know.

Ticket Actions & Status

Ticket actions let you control many aspects of your tickets. You can do this within the ticket you are viewing, quickly and easily—increasing your productivity and streamlining your support processes. You can also easily see the status of a ticket, including priority, agent assignment, dates, to-dos, notes, and more.

User Profiles

When your customers submit tickets, a user profile is generated so you can view all of their relevant information. You can edit your user's profiles to add additional contact information, notes, assign assets, manage their permission levels, and much more. This provides you with everything that you need to solve their issues, ensuring you take good care of your customers and provide them with a great experience.

Agent Collaboration

With SeamlessDesk, you can assign multiple support agents to the same ticket. When needed, this allows for team collaboration to help figure out and solve advanced issues. All assigned agents will be notified of changes or responses, and they will be able to view all ticket activity performed by the other assigned agents.

"SeamlessDesk has been a great addition to our business and the perfect solution for our help desk needs. It has made it extremely easy to keep track of our company's help desk tickets. With SeamlessDesk, we were able to organize the end-users' issues to allow our IT department to better handle their needs. We've also been able to migrate over our inventory, allowing us to combine the tickets with the user's equipment, enabling us to resolve things at a much faster pace."
Chris S.
IT Service Desk

Time Tracking & Reporting

Time tracking allows you to track the time agents spent on tickets. This is useful for several reasons. First, when hiring contractors, self-employed support agents, or when using outsourced customer support agents, you can quickly generate reports for your billable and none-billable hours. Second, if you have customers that pay for a support package, allocating a specific number of support hours, you will have the data to ensure that your customers are falling within those agreed-upon parameters. Lastly, if you provide ad-hoc support to your customers, SeamlessDesk's time tracking and reporting will provide you with the data you need to invoice your clients easily.

Multi-Language Support

SeamlessDesk's Help Desk allows you to set the default language for all your users or to provide custom language selections for each individual. This is useful for companies with a global footprint and who have customers around the world—currently, SeamlessDesk supports 16 languages, with support for additional languages coming soon.

TPD & SLA Management

SeamlessDesk supports the ability to manage your company's Ticket Priority Definitions (TPD's)or Service Level Agreements (SLA's). These agreements can help keep your resolution flow running smoothly and efficiently. With SeamlessDesk, you can create custom priorities for ticket resolution and completion, keeping your agents informed as to when they need to respond or solve tickets.

Ticket Continuation

SeamlessDesk allows you to add new users or issues to existing tickets quickly. Simply add the ticket number to the subject line of a new ticket, and SeamlesDesk will automatically add the email body as an additional comment in the existing ticket. This saves you time, hassle, and improves your workflow.