SeamlessDesk IT Help Desk

Work Smarter, Not Harder with Help Desk

What took multiple software platforms before, can now all be done with SeamlessDesk's Service Desk software. 

SeamlessDesk’s Help Desk software is a powerful ticketing tool purpose-built to streamline your business’s customer support objectives–regardless of your company’s size or industry. Help Desk by SeamlessDesk can help optimize your company’s business processes and improve end-user satisfaction.

Ticket Actions & Status

  • Quickly and efficiently collaborate with your team and respond to tickets using a build-in rich text editor. 
  • View and update ticket requestor, status, priority, and Agent assignments. 
  • View details about the requestor, requestor history, assigned assets, and asset history. 
  • View past due or upcoming SLA deadlines. 
  • Create to-dos, reminders, and add notes.
  • Unlimited custom ticket fields, enabling you to adapt the product to fit the needs of the business—regardless of your use case or industry. 

By improving your workflows and optimizing your business processes, an estimated 550 hours per year are saved by leveraging SeamlessDesk's software suite. 

Workflow Automation

  • Trigger actions based on a wide variety of triggers.
  • Create custom notifications when changes are made to tickets. 
  • Create custom notifications if SLAs are breached. 
  • Get notified via email, SMS, and more. 

Workflow Automations allow you to streamline your business processes. What previously would have required manual interaction now can be done without you lifting a finger. SeamlessDesk's Automation Rules is one of the many ways businesses save an estimated 550 hours per year

Omni-Channel & Self-Service Portal

  • Agents can easily create and log tickets in the Help Desk module, which are useful when support requests come via phone calls. 
  • Tickets can be generated via email. 
  • Tickets can be created via the SeamlessDesk mobile app or social media platforms. 
  • Grant access to a self-service portal where end-users can view your Knowledge Base, submit new tickets, and view previously submitted ticket status. 

SeamlessDesk customers receive an average of 424 tickets per month. Providing Agents and end-users with ample options for submitting tickets means that SeamlessDesk has the flexibility to adapt to whatever your business requires. 

Rich Notifications

  • Get updates on ticket changes as they happen. 
  • Rich notifications via the web, mobile, email, text message, and social. 
  • Detailed information so you don’t miss critical details. 
  • Customizable alerts and messages, giving you what you need to take action. 
  • Custom automation rules, which allow department leaders or Department Groups to receive live updates as well. 

Rich notifications enable SeamlessDesk customers to receive instant notifications, helping them respond to tickets faster. In fact, the average first ticket response time is just under 10 minutes

User Profiles

  • Auto-generated user profiles. 
  • Fully customizable user profiles, giving you the ability to add and view key user data points and metrics. 
  • Add contact information and notes, link social accounts, assign assets, manage permissions, view history, etc. 
  • Create unlimited custom user fields, allowing you to add essential details that your Agents need to provide the best experience and support. 
  • Advanced user filtering and search capabilities will enable you to search for and find customers quickly. 

SeamlessDesk customers receive an average of 424 tickets per month. Due to the high volume of tickets, Agents don't have time to fumble through clunky systems or manually search for users. SeamlessDesk's user profiles help your agents gain the insight they need quickly and efficiently.

SeamlessDesk has been a great addition to our business and the perfect solution for our help desk needs. It has made it extremely easy to keep track of our company’s help desk tickets. With SeamlessDesk, we were able to organize the end-users’ issues to allow our IT department to better handle their needs. We’ve also been able to migrate over our inventory, allowing us to combine the tickets with the user’s equipment, enabling us to resolve things at a much faster pace.

Agent Collaboration

  • Assign multiple support Agents to a singular ticket, encouraging collaboration. 
  • Tag other Agents and make private comments on tickets. 
  • CC department heads and managers, keeping them informed of incidents or issues that high profile customers might be experiencing. 
  • Receive notifications when other Agents or team members make changes or add comments to a ticket. 
  • Create fully customizable automation rules that can trigger escalation processes, notify other departments or parties, perform specific tasks, etc. 

Service Desk teams spend an average of 14% of their workweek communicating and collaborating internally. Tripling the amount of time spent collaborating with other Agents could help raise internal productivity by 20 to 25 percent. Collaboration tools, like SeamlessDesk, make this possible. 

Tracking & Reporting

  • Track and report all of your Agent’s activities, allowing you to measure and gauge productivity. 
  • Track the total amount of time Agents spend on tickets, with the ability to track billable and non-billable hours. 
  • Track and report the number of tickets your organization receives, the total number of comments made and received, Agent response times, etc.
  • Create custom feedback forms, which can be configured with several options, including facial expressions, five stars, or ten stars. This provides your organization with crucial feedback that you can use to improve Agent productivity and or organizational procedures. 

Customers who have utilized SeamlessDesk's reporting and used that data to improve organizational policies and procedures have seen average response times reduced by 27%, and the average time to first response has decreased by 18%.

Multi-Language Support

  • SeamlessDesk is available in 16 languages, with additional language support available upon request. 
  • SeamlessDesk account admins can configure their default language, enabling system-wide language changes.
  • Agents and end-users can have the option of changing their preferred language without affecting other users. 

SeamlessDesk is a global company, with thousands of customers in over 55 countries

TPD & SLA Management

  • SeamlessDesk makes it easy to create and manage your organization’s Ticket Priority Definitions (TPDs) and or Service Level Agreements (SLAs). 
  • Configure deadlines based on ticket priority as tickets are generated. 
  • Enable escalation alerts, notifying you and your team of approaching or expired deadlines. 
  • Create automation rules, which can be configured to notify management or executive team members when response and resolution times have been exceeded. 
  • Generate reports based on SLA performance, providing key metrics that can be used to improve Agent performance and productivity. 

By leveraging SLAs, SeamlessDesk customers average a 5x increase in overall end-user satisfaction. By holding Agents accountable, productivity, and performance increase, which directly affects overall customer satisfaction. 

Ticket Continuation

  • SeamlessDesk’s Heal Desk software allows for ticket continuation, allowing Agents to quickly pick up where they left off, modify tickets, add additional Agents or followers, etc. 
  • Respond to existing tickets by adding the ticket number in the subject line of a new ticket, and additional comments will be added automatically. 
  • Agents who visit remote locations or who travel around the facility can use the SeamlessDesk mobile application to take pictures, respond to tickets, add tasks, etc.  

Flexible solutions, like SeamlessDesk's ticket continuation, help Agents save time and increase their overall performance. By implementing SeamlessDesk and utilizing the supported features, Service Desk teams have increased their performance by 33% vs. using other solutions or no solution. 

Additional SeamlessDesk Solutions

At SeamlessDesk, we are committed to providing tailored solutions to fit the needs of every organization. Our solutions offer features and functionality that complement each other, allowing you to do more with less and saving you time and money. Learn more about other solutions we offer below. 

IT Asset Management

Simplify the management and inventory tracking of your company-owned hardware and software. Quickly and easily check-in and out your assets, enabling efficiency and improvement of a critical business process. See how SeamlessDesk’s Asset Manager can improve your company’s processes and help manage your company’s assets.

IT Service Management

IT Service Management solutions designed and purpose-built to help your organization streamline business processes, reduce waste, improve service quality, lower costs, and more. All solutions work in conjunction, allowing you to associate different ITSM entries with tickets, assets, or other ITSM modules. This improves efficiency, allows for deeper collaboration with other team members, and saves time.