SeamlessDesk IT Asset Management

Save time & money with Asset Management

What took multiple software platforms before, can now all be done with SeamlessDesk's Service Desk software.  

Simplify the management and inventory tracking of your company-owned hardware and software. Quickly and easily check-in and out your assets, enabling efficiency and improvement of a critical business process. SeamlessDesk’s Asset Manager can improve your company’s processes and help manage your company’s fixed and IT assets.

SeamlessDesk provides powerful IT Asset Management

Inventory Management

  • Manage all of your organization’s fixed and IT assets from one interface. 
  • Quickly map asset fields and bulk upload assets from other Asset Management systems. 
  • Enter new assets, assign to end-users, create unique barcodes, upload receipts, add warranty information, expiration dates, service schedules, lease contracts, and more. 
  • Create unlimited custom fields, allowing your organization to track data points and metrics important to your business.
  • Associate assets to end-user tickets, providing your team with historical records of frequent or common issues related to a particular asset. 

37% of small and medium-sized organizations do not track assets due to fear of complexity and high cost. On average, the lack of asset management costs an organization $189,000 over five years in lost/stolen hardware, failure to track and renew warranties, failure to properly service hardware, unneeded repeat or duplicate purchases, etc. SeamlessDesk is simple and affordable and could save your organization tens of thousands of dollars per year. 

Searching & Viewing

  • Search and filter assets by pre-created or default fields. 
  • Search and filter assets by customer-created custom fields. 
  • After locating assets via search, edit, modify, and or make changes to assets quickly and easily. 
  • Use the SeamlessDesk mobile application to take pictures of your assets,  allowing service technicians to update asset records when out in the field. 

SeamlessDesk is all about saving you time and optimizing your workflows. In fact, the average SeamlessDesk customer saves over 550 hours per year when utilizing SeamlessDesk's software suite.

Service Schedules

  • Effortlessly create service records and associate them with your assets. 
  • Receive reminders when assets need security patches or firmware updates. 
  • Receive reminders when assets need to be serviced by third-party service providers. 
  • Track and get notified if service warranties are upcoming, renewing, expiring, or need to be updated. 

22% of electronics require a warranty repair or full replacement within 36 months of purchase. Additionally, an estimated 43% of organizations do not track service schedules or document warranties, thus paying for service or repair fees that should have been covered. SeamlessDesk tracks these for you, potentially saving your organization thousands of dollars per year in unnecessary fees. 

Contract Management

  • Track and monitor all of your service, hardware, or software contracts.
  •  Track starting and ending dates and create reminders, so you don’t miss an important deadline. 
  • Create contract entries and get approvals from management. 
  • Upload all of your contracts and manage them from a singular location. 

In a recent study, 42% of organizations surveyed said they did not track, monitor, or organize contracts with their customers, vendors, or solutions providers. SeamlessDesk takes the guesswork out of COntract Management by providing a sleek, simple, and intuitive Contract Management solution. 

SeamlessDesk provides powerful IT Asset Management

SeamlessDesk has a great asset manager and ticketing system that combines and replaces two programs that I have been using in the past. The asset manager is very specific and allows extensive information to be added, enabling me to keep track of all of my assets.

Warranty Management

  • Create warranty records for assets used within your organization.
  • Specify an expiration date for each warranty you associate with an asset.
  • Specify whether you would like to be notified when that particular warranty expires. 

IT Asset Management solutions from SeamlessDesk help customers save time, create more efficient processes and procedures, and help customers track important business informaion. 

Vendor Management

  • Manage an unlimited number of vendors your organization frequently does business with. 
  • Add, modify, or delete current vendors’ address, phone number, primary contact details, notes, etc. 
  • Upload files, such as purchase contracts, receipts, service warranty contracts, images, etc. 
  • View vendor historical data, with detailed activity history of every interaction, change, or update—all logged in SeamlessDesk automatically. 

Quality vendors are hard to come by. With SeamlessDesk's Vendor Management, you can monitor and keep track of your vendors, allowing you to build long-lasting relationships and loyalty. In fact, SeamlessDesk customers have reported an 8% cost savings by creating better working relationships, enabling customers to have access to more discounts and incentives offered by vendors.

Asset Ticket Association

  • Assign end-user tickets to end-user assigned assets, seamlessly integrating assets and tickets—Agents have access to asset/ticket details automatically, without needing to ask end-users. 
  • SeamlessDesk automatically tracks and stores historical data, allowing Agents to see all of the tickets associated with an asset—even if the asset gets reassigned to a new end-user. 
  • Historical data can be used to determine if assets routinely encounter repeat issues, allowing Agents to process warranty claims with hardware or software vendors. 

Flexible solutions, like SeamlessDesk's asset ticket assignment, help Agents save time and increase their overall performance. By implementing SeamlessDesk and utilizing the supported features, Service Desk teams have increased their performance by 33% vs. using other solutions or no solution. 

Software Management

  • Easily manage and keep track of all of your software licenses. 
  • View the total number of available licenses and what assets and users they are assigned to. 
  • Configure alerts, notifying you before licenses expire. 
  • View the total number of available or unused licenses, preventing duplicate or unwanted license purchases. 

Avoid repeat or unneeded software subscriptions or license purchases. SeamlessDesk's Software Management could save your organization thousands of dollars in unnecessary software fees. 

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