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What took multiple software platforms before, can now all be done with SeamlessDesk's Service Desk software.  

SeamlessDesk’s ITSM solutions were designed and purpose-built to help your organization streamline business processes, reduce waste, improve quality, lower costs, and more. All SeamlessDesk software modules work in conjunction, allowing you to associate different ITSM entries with tickets, assets, or other ITSM modules. This improves efficiency, allows for deeper collaboration with other team members, and saves time. 

Project Management

  • Manage multiple internal projects from one view. 
  • Collaborate with other members of your team or other Departments, allowing you all to work toward project completion. 
  • Project Management allows you to effectively scope, allocate resources, complete tasks, and schedule and manage your time.
  • Track and monitor the starting and ending dates of your projects.
  • Create in-app notifications and email alerts, informing you of upcoming or past deadlines. 

82% of organizations that use Project Management to scope out projects, set deadlines and goals, collaborate with team members, and assign and complete tasks, complete projects under budget and before the project deadline 66% of the time

Change Management

  • Create unlimited Changes, allowing you and your team to focus on how end-users will be affected by organizational changes. 
  • Create detailed rollout schedules, backout plans, and testing plans. 
  • Create an unlimited amount of tasks and sub-tasks. 
  • Create task start dates and ending dates, enabling you to receive real-time updates as tasks are close to completion or completed.  
  • Add detailed comments to tasks, attach files, and create sub-tasks. 
  • Create dependencies, which require some tasks to be completed before others can be started. 

SeamlessDesk is all about saving you time and optimizing your workflows. In fact, the average SeamlessDesk customer saves over 550 hours per year when utilizing SeamlessDesk's software suite. 

Problem Management

  • Create detailed Problems based on multiple similar Incidents.
  • Create a multitude of steps and actions within the Problem that your organization needs to track.
  • Search for root causes of problems, reduce their effects, and minimize recurrence and resolution times in the future.

Flexible solutions, like SeamlessDesk's Problem Management, help organizations save time and increase their overall performance. By implementing SeamlessDesk and utilizing the supported features, Service Desk teams have increased their performance by 33% vs. using other solutions or no solution. 

SeamlessDesk has a great asset manager and ticketing system that combines and replaces two programs that I have been using in the past. The asset manager is very specific and allows extensive information to be added, enabling me to keep track of all of my assets.

Incident Management

  • Manage and track a single unplanned event that causes a service disruption.
  • Associate Help Desk tickets to help end-users troubleshoot or to recommend a temporary workaround rather than a true fix.
  • SeamlessDesk helps IT teams record the details of the Incident, classify the Incident, investigate the Incident, and ultimately resolve the Incident.

90% of Incidents require team participation. Detailed tracking and reporting provide management and Incident Managers with all of the details and data they need to make decisions and adjustments to an Incident when needed. 

Release Management

  • Track and monitor the starting and ending dates of your projects.
  • Create in-app and email alerts, notifying you of upcoming or past deadlines.
  • View completion percentages, allowing you to see how your projects are trending towards your goal.
  • View open, in progress, unassigned, and completed tasks for every project.

Organizations that use SeamlessDesk's Project Management software waste 28x less money than their counterparts. With Project Management, you can quickly view your project's status, allowing you to gain useful insight into the overall status of your projects. 

Knowledge Management

  • Avoid duplicate work by tracking, documenting, and updating articles that are commonly used within the organization. 
  • Hide or show articles depending on Admin, Agent, or end-user, allowing teams to expose relevant articles to users based on their permission level. 
  • Create beautiful, detailed articles using SeamlessDesk’s rich text editor. 

According to a recent survey, 51% of customers prefer technical support through a knowledge base. With SeamlessDesk's Knowledge Management, you can effectively communicate and work with your team, ensuring that your team has all of the documentation they need to perform their dutires.

Additional SeamlessDesk Solutions

At SeamlessDesk, we are committed to providing tailored solutions to fit the needs of every organization. Our solutions offer features and functionality that complement each other, allowing you to do more with less and saving you time and money. Learn more about other solutions we offer below. 

IT Help Desk

SeamlessDesk’s Help Desk software is a powerful ticketing tool purpose-built to streamline your business’s customer support objectives–regardless of your company’s size or industry. Learn more about how SeamlessDesk’s Help Desk software can help optimize your company’s business processes, save your company time and money, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

IT Asset Management

Simplify the management and inventory tracking of your company-owned hardware and software. Quickly and easily check-in and out your assets, enabling efficiency and improvement of a critical business process. See how SeamlessDesk’s Asset Manager can improve your company’s processes and help manage your company’s assets.

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