Change Advisory Board (CAB)

Change Advisory Board (CAB) #

The Change Advisory Board (CAB) is a group of people within an organization, typically senior-level managers, directors, or executives, who meet together to assess, prioritize, authorize, and schedule complex business changes, releases, etc. They typically focus on organizational changes that might be very impactful or carry a significant amount of risk.

Create a CAB #

Creating a new Change Advisory Board is easy. After logging in to your SeamlessDesk account, go to Settings > User Management > Change Advisory Board (CAB) > Add New CAB.

On this screen, name the CAB, provide an optional description (usually used to differentiate between CABs who approve different things within the organization), and add the group members.

Note: if a member of a CAB is not currently an Admin, Agent, or end-user in SeamlessDesk, you can add their email and press enter. The system will allow you to add members who are not currently in SeamlessDesk as a user.


Modify an Existing CAB #

If you would like to modify a group to add additional members or remove members who are no longer participants in a group, hit the pencil icon next to the CAB that you would like to modify. Make whatever changes you would like to make and then click “Save.”

Request Approval from a CAB #

Now that your CABs are created, you can request approvals from these CAB in the various SeamlessDesk modules that support them.

To learn how to do that within each module, please refer to the individual support article for that specific module titled “…Explained.” For example, the Change Management Explained article will explain how to assign a CAB when seeking approval for a Change.

If you need any assistance or if you have any questions, please contact SeamlessDesk support at