SMS Rules Explained

With your ticket rules, you have the ability to configure one of your actions to send an SMS text message to a wide variety of users whether to someone specifically or to an entire department. Let us show you how you can get this done.

How to configure your ticket rules for SMS #

  1. Head on over to your ticket rules.
  2. Create a new rule or edit an existing one
  3. In the actions, section click on the button Add action
  4. In the first drop-down select Send SMS notification
  5. In the drop-down next to the previous select the range of persons that will receive this text message
  6. Under Short message, you can add a message with a max of 255 characters
  7. Save your rule and you are done.

Keep in mind

  • Shortcut tags work the same with SMS messages just like they do in sending emails
  • In order for SeamlessDesk to know what phone number to send to the user must have a Country code and Cell phone in their profile. Numbers are only allowed for the cellphone.