Ticket Fields Explained

Your ticket form is your gateway between your users and your support staff. This is where users will submit tickets for questions, tasks, and problems. It is important to understand each field in the ticket form so you can better navigate through the ticket and assign the appropriate values needed per ticket.

It is important to understand that when a user submits a ticket by default it will be considered an “Open” ticket. While you can change this in your ticket settings it is recommended that you leave this alone.

Please note that what an Agent see’s as opposed to a Regular User see’s is different. This article will discuss from the Agent’s perspective. To know more about your Ticket Form and Regular Users please see here.

The Dropdowns #

In the first part of the ticket form, you will see five pull-down menu’s with the default values of (open, question, normal, department, choose department)


First Field “Open”

The first field labeled “Open” is what is called the “Status Field” which refers to the current status of the ticket. There are three types of statuses you can choose from.

  • Open
  • Pending
  • Solved

Open – This means that the ticket needs to be worked on. A newly created ticket will always be marked as Open.

Pending – A ticket marked as Pending means that the Agent currently handling the ticket is waiting on something, whether they are waiting for the regular user or waiting for something else to be able to resolve the ticket.

Solved – A ticket marked as solved means that you have completed the task of the ticket and it can be resolved or solved.

Second Field “Question”

The second field labeled “Question” is what the “Type” of the ticket was submitted. There are three types you can choose from. By default, all newly created tickets are marked as “Question”

  • Question
  • Problem
  • Task

Third Field “Normal”

The third field labeled “Normal” is the priority of the ticket. This means whether a ticket needs immediate attention or maybe it can wait a few days. The default value of a newly submitted ticket is “Normal”. There are four types of priorities you can set in a ticket.

  • Low
  • Normal
  • High
  • Urgent

Fourth Field “Department”

The fourth field “Department” is the department the ticket is assigned to. This is where you can reassign tickets to other departments. Unless otherwise specified from the Regular User when a ticket comes in with no department all Agents in every department will be notified until someone places the ticket in the appropriate department.

Fifth Department “Choose Department”

The reason this says “Choose Department” is because this is the field that will contain the list of Agents related to that department. Once you choose a department you will then see a list of Agents names to choose from.


The Subject & Description #

The subject and description of the ticket is where the meat of it will be. This is where the user will give you in detail about the issues they are having.

Attachment’s #

When a user needs to add a screenshot or some files for their ticket they will add them here.


Submit the ticket #

And finally, when they are done they can submit the ticket by clicking “Submit”, or they can cancel the ticket.