Creating & Submitting A Ticket FAQs

The most basic way to submit a ticket is with your web portal which is already setup out of the box when you first create an account. You can look here if you are interested in customizing your user’s experience.

There are 2 ways you can have users submit a ticket through your web portal. Either you can allow anyone to submit a ticket or only allow users who have an account create a ticket. By default, anyone can create an account which is how most people have it.

Ticket Submit without account required

Here is what it looks like when someone does not have an account at SeamlessDesk

  • The user is required to enter their email address
  • The user may only choose a department

Ticket Submit with a registered account

Here is what it looks like when a user has an account with SeamlessDesk and is logged in

  • The user does not need to enter their email address
  • The user can choose from the following in addition to just the department
    • Status
    • Type
    • Priority
    • Department
    • Agent

What is required to fill in a ticket?

The only fields and dropdowns that are required* to fill in a ticket are

  • Department
  • Subject
  • Message (comment)