Fix “SeamlessDesk Can’t Access Your Mailbox” Error

There can be several reasons why this is happening so let's go step by step and make sure you are set up correctly

  1. Make sure your username and password are correct – Sometimes these credentials change and you may forget to update them in SeamlessDesk.
  2. Make sure you disable Auto Fill from your browser before saving your settings – Since you are entering an email and password into this page Auto Fill will recognize this as a field that needs to be filled with a saved email and password. Most likely it will use your main account for SeamlessDesk. If you go to the IMAP settings and hit save with the Auto Filled credentials it will save incorrectly and it will not work.
  3. IMAP security – Most mailbox's use SSL for IMAP and sometimes do not use the default port number of 993. Check with your email provider and enter in your IMAP settings they provide you with exactly as shown.
  4. Check your username – Usually, the username of an IMAP account is your full email address. Make sure you are using the correct email.

After all, this if you are still experiencing issues you can submit a ticket to our support staff and they can help you out.