Introducing Customer Sub-Domains

We are pleased to provide a more personalized experience for your support organization. We will be adding customer-specific subdomains for all SeamlessDesk customers. This means where once you would log in using, you would now log in to This article helps you understand the changes that you will need to make for your organization.

1. Where do I log in? #

We are retiring the old way of logging in This means each organization will have its own login URL.  You can also find this link in your Self-Service Portal Settings Settings > Self-Service Portal Settings.

All login emails are the same except for the subdomain.

2. What happens if you forget your subdomain? #

Never fear, we will continue to maintain a login link on the homepage of our website, but this link will soon take you to a page that asks the user to enter their subdomain to log in. Additionally, if your users don’t know what that name is, they can click on the “Forgot your support portal name?” link, enter their email on the next page, and our system will send them an email with the link.

3. What about support emails? #

You can find your subdomain in Settings > Support Emails.


Because the URL is changing, any links you have pointing to either your Web Portal or Support Docs need to be updated. For instance, in Settings > Self-Service Portal Settings, the links are changing and now must include the subdomain. Any articles you have created now will need to have the subdomain in them as well. The Knowledge Base articles will look something like this going forward:
If you have any questions or if you need any assistance, please reach out to us at, and we will happily assist you.