Delete Your SeamlessDesk Account

If you no longer wish to have an account with SeamlessDesk then you have the option to completely remove your account from our system.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation Act, Art. 17 GDPR Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’) When you request for your account to be deleted we will remove every and all data you have uploaded to our server immediately.

The following type of data will be removed:

  • Any files or images you uploaded for various sections of our application
  • Any records of any kind related to your organization will be deleted from our database and backups

These 2 type of data includes everything we have stored for your organization. Please keep in mind that deleting your account is irreversible and nothing will be able to be retrieved on a later date. Not even the staff will be able to get it back so please make sure when deleting your account this is what you want to do.

How can I delete my account from SeamlessDesk?

  1. Head over to your profile
  2. At the bottom right hand of the screen, you will see a link labeled "delete account"
  3. Proceed through the several warnings and verification's and follow the instructions.
  4. In the final dialog box after you have verified your account deletion everything will be removed from our servers immediately.

Remember what's it's gone, it's gone!