Setup Custom Forwarding Email For Your Support Email Address

SeamlessDesk customers have two options when it comes to how support tickets will be generated via email. You can opt to use an email address provided to you by SeamlessDesk or use an existing one that you already have in place. These email addresses are intended to be provided to your staff or customers so that they can email in their support requests. Here are additional details regarding the two options:

  1. Support email that we generate for you. This typically comes in the form of support@[yoursubdomain]
  2. Use an existing email address. You will need to set a forwarding rule within your email settings to forward along support emails to the email address that we generate for you. For example, let’s assume your support email was, and let’s assume that your organization uses Google Workspace as the email provider. You would set a rule in your support email inbox that would forward emails to your default SeamlessDesk email, which typically comes in the form of support@[yoursubdomain] This will allow you to maintain your organization’s branding and allow you to continue to use your existing support email address. 

To configure these emails in SeamlessDesk, go to “Settings” > “General” tab > “Support Emails.” You can create as many emails as you’d like and configure them to do different things. 

After they have been created, you will need to set a forwarding rule. We have provided links to a few of the most popular email providers below. If your email provider is not listed, try Googling, “how to forward emails in [email provider’s name]?” That will allow you to find instructions for your specific provider. 

Here are a few of the common ones:

If you need any assistance or if you have any questions, please contact SeamlessDesk Support at