Linked Tickets Explained

Linked tickets help businesses efficiently keep track of tickets in their organization and ensures that updates to those tickets are delivered in a consistent manner across all agents.

So what are linked tickets?

Linked tickets are when you select as many tickets as you want and create a master ticket to rule them all. When a master ticket is created you can see all associated tickets with that master ticket. You can assign the master ticket to an agent who can now process and keep track of all the tickets that are assigned to it. At any time you can assign more tickets to a master ticket.

Why would I want link tickets?

Let’s say for example one of your servers goes down and agents begin to receive an influx of tickets for all the same issue. When the first agents received the tickets they can select them and create a master ticket which will associate all those tickets with itself. When that master ticket is created the agent assigned is notified and can begin troubleshooting the issue. Then at some point, the agent fixes the server. The agent with the master ticket can send a broadcast message privately to all the assigned agent in all the linked tickets to let them know that the issue has been resolved. Then the individual agents of all those tickets can then notify the user that the issue has been resolved.

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