SeamlessDesk Support for Subdomains

As of November 15, 2021, all customers of SeamlessDesk will access their account and account resources utilizing subdomains unique to each organization.


This article covers the details of what you need to know.

What is my subdomain? #

Agents for your organization can find your subdomain in Settings > Support Emails within your SeamlessDesk account settings. For purposes of this article we will use this fictitious company, “Acme Company, LLC”. Going to the support emails pages shows that the company name setting is acmecompanyllc, so the subdomain for this example would be:

Users who don't know their company name can get an email with a login link.

What is my login URL? #

We are retiring the old way of logging in As a result, everyone will be logging in through their unique organization login page. To continue with our example, the login URL for this company would be: (NOTE: users that go to the base URL with subdomain will be directed to the login page automatically)

What happens if my users forget their subdomain? #

As a safety precaution, users can still log in from but when they do, they will be asked to add their subdomain value as in this screenshot:


As you can see, users can find the support portal name for their company by clicking on the “Forgot your support portal name?” link below the continue button.

Action Required #

For accounts created before November 15, 2021, we recommend that you notify your users of your updated company URLs with subdomains into SeamlessDesk resources. You will be able to view your various support portal links within the Settings > Self-Service Portal Settings area. 

Self-Service Portal Settings will show you all of the new subdomains for your organization.

As you can see in the screenshot above, your various end-user URLs will be changing. Here is an example of how the main links for our example company would look:

  • Sign Up URL:
  • Login URL:  
  • Submit Portal URL Default:
  • Knowledge base:
Please note that there will be NO CHANGE to your support email addresses as you have already defined that email subdomain for your account. You can continue to forward your emails to that email address.


If you need any assistance or if you have any questions, please contact SeamlessDesk Support at