Master Ticket Notifications

If you are not already familiar with what a master ticket is please refer to our doc to explain.

A master ticket gives your company the ability to better communicate with all agents involved with a particular issue. If there is an influx of support tickets coming in across one or more departments these agents need to make sure that the ones responsible to fix the issue are notified so the problem can be resolved quickly, but at the same time, the sending agent needs to be notified of when the issue is resolved so they can let their users know. This is where the power of a master ticket comes in.

When the agent of the master ticket has finally resolved the issue or just wants to let all the agents associated with the master ticket to knowing the current progress of the issue they can send a broadcast message privately to each agent letting them know.

When viewing a master ticket at the bottom of the comment box there is a button called Broadcast. This can only be seen when the ticket is a master ticket.

The agent of the master ticket can now send a broadcast message to all other agents and let them know the progress of the issue. Once the agent lets them know that it has been fixed, all other agents can now let their users know the same.

Ticket Rules and Master TIckets

Just like creating a ticket rule for your regular tickets, there is a condition called Ticket Class. This condition option will let you create a ticket rule based on whether the ticket is a regular or master ticket. This will allow you to control more when a master ticket is created and who needs to be modified.