Resolve “We Are Sorry But You Are Not Permitted To Log In To This Site” Error

When logging into Seamlessdesk you may receive a message that states "We are sorry but you are not permitted to log into this site. If you feel this is an error please contact us."

The reason you may receive this message is that your account has been banned and you are not permitted to log into the site with this email anymore. While very few users will ever see this message here are some of the reasons this may happen to your account.

  • An administrator in your organization reported your account as spammy and marked it.
  • Too many spammy types, tickets were submitted from your email address and our automated scripts picked it up.

Regardless of the reason why it was spammed, there may be a chance this was a mistake. Because we do not take spam lightly here at Seamlessdesk to resolve the issue you may do one of the following to try and get your account reactivated.

  1. Contact your Administrator and ask them to unban your account.
  2. If Step #1 does not work then you may contact us directly at and we will review your request and see if we can work to un-ban your account.

Please be advised that we will rarely contradict your local organization's administrator in this decision. If we contact them and they wish for your account to remain banned we will leave it alone.

Special Situation

Because once your account is banned you may not log into our site globally with the banned email address. In some cases, you may move to a new company which uses Seamlessdesk as well and would result in you not being able to log in if you are using the same email address. We suggest you create a new account and use a different email.