Configuring Your Email Settings

Of all the support portals most will use the Email Portal. The reason is it’s the easiest way to get users to communicate with you. They can simply send an email to a particular email address and SeamlessDesk will convert those emails to tickets where you can communicate back and forth seamlessly.

How does the email portal work?

Most help desk software companies will require you to forward your emails to their servers in which they will convert those into tickets, but where we differ is we will pull the email right from your mailbox. We do this because it will give you better control over features such as spam. You can configure your own mailbox any way you seem fit and it will never interfere with SeamlessDesk. As long as it makes it to the Inbox we will process it, if not then we leave it alone.

It is important to understand that we will only look for emails that are directly in your main Inbox. We do not go any further than that. If you have subfolders or labels within your Inbox we will not see those.

How do I set up my Email Portal?

  1. Click on Email Portal from Site Settings
  2. Check the box labeled “Use my own IMAP server mailbox to allow users to reply to tickets through email in addition to the website.” to enable this feature.
  3. Fill in the following fields

If you need help finding the following settings for your particular email provider we have provided an article on how to find them

  • E-mail sender address – the email address you want the emails to come from
  • IMAP server address
  • IMAP server username
  • IMAP server password
  • IMAP Transport Type
  • IMAP security
  • IMAP server port
  • Delete the email after processed? – Check this box if you would like emails to be deleted from your inbox after they are processed. SeamlessDesk will ignore any already read emails.
  • Once you’re done entering all the previous information in the appropriate fields click “Save” and you’re done!

At this point, all you have to do is let your users know they can send emails to your support email address and you will receive those as tickets. There will be no need to ever look at your Inbox.