Project Management Explained

Project Management Explained #

SeamlessDesk’s Project Management is a solution designed specifically for IT teams to plan, collaborate, assign & complete tasks, and more. IT teams would typically use SeamlessDesk’s Project Management solution for internal projects within your company or organization. A few examples of what Project Management could be used for could include deploying a new server, releasing new software to employee’s computers, upgrading computers in the computer lab, deploying new printers around the office, etc. Project Management will allow a Project Manager to drive the project to completion by creating and completing tasks, collaborating with other team members, and receiving notifications as deadlines need to be met.

Additionally, some customers have adapted the solution for external projects; however, it was not designed explicitly for that purpose.

To learn more about SeamlessDesk’s Project Management solution, refer to this in-depth article where we will cover every aspect of the solution. We have also published a blog post explaining Change and Project Management, which might contain useful information.

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