Why Are Some User Accounts “Inactive?”


In the scenario where you find accounts that are not active but are somehow submitting tickets this is happening because you are using different portals to receive tickets other than the basic web portal. You do have the option with your web portal to allow users to submit tickets without needing an account, this would also create inactive accounts since the user does not have to signup in order to submit the ticket.

For instance when you enable email based tickets then our system will automatically create an account for that particular email address when it finds it. We will generate a random encrypted password for that user and mark the account as inactive. This will also be the case for our Twitter and Facebook portals.

When the account is inactive is just means that the user has an account but has never logged into Seamlessdesk with that account. If you want an inactive user to have an account the easiest thing you can do is direct them to the “forgot password?” link and they can change their password on their own and gain access to the site.

Another way you can make a user as active is by browsing user’s and going to the user’s profile, then clicking “Edit” and click the button on the top “Make active” and that will do it. You also have the option to send an email to that user when you mark it as active so that the user is aware of this and can log into their account.