User, Agent, & Administrator Defined

Here is how SeamlessDesk defines the three roles of User, Agent, and Administrator. 

  • User (Regular or End-User) – An individual who does not need access to your SeamlessDesk portal to view tickets or be an admin. These users will only be able to access your Knowledge Base and self-service portal. These individuals will typically be your clients or internal employees.
  • Agents (often called Technications) – An individual who will be answering tickets or supporting users and will need to see tickets. They have more access than users but cannot modify or control any account settings that may negatively affect your organization. They have the power to create, edit, submit, and modify anything ticket-related.
  • Administrator – An individual who has full access to your organization’s settings, tickets, assets, etc. An admin can make any modifications to the portal and does not have restrictions.

Keep in mind that, for billing purposes, SeamlessDesk considers an Administrator an Agent. Additionally, when filtering your Agent list, you will see Administrators included in that list. Lastly, Administrators can do all things that an Agent can do, but an Agent cannot do all things like an Administrator can do.


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