Transfer SeamlessDesk Account Ownership To Another User

When you create the first initial account with Seamlessdesk we consider that account to be the main account. Since your organization is based on this it is the most important account of all your accounts.

If you find yourself needing to transfer this ownership of your account then you can do the following to someone else.

  • Click on your profile image at the top right of every page and then click on My Profile
  • Click on “Transfer Ownership”

  • On the next screen choose who you would like to transfer the ownership to. The users listed on this page are other administrators and agents. Regular Users will not appear on this list. You will need to make a user at least an agent in order to see them.

  • Confirm the two dialog boxes that will appear before proceeding.
  • You’re Done!

Keep in mind that once you transfer ownership of your account you will be reduced to a user account. If you need to change back to an administrator or agent you will have to find another administrator to do so.