Twitter FAQs

If you would like to have posted to your Twitter account come in as tickets then you can enable that feature known as your Twitter portal

How does it work

If you would like to turn Twitter Mentions into tickets you can turn on your Twitter portal and any new mentions will come in as tickets just like they would through your web or email portal.

A basic setup of this would be creating a Twitter account dedicated for just support for your company. Once you do that all you have to do is get your developer account with Twitter and set it up with SeamlessDesk. You can read on to learn how to set up your portal.

How to set up your Twitter Portal

  1. Click on Twitter Portal in your Site Settings
  2. Check the box labeled “Enable Twitter Support Portal
  3. Enter your Twitter handle (ie. @seamlessdesk without the “@”)
  4. You are going to need to set up a developer account with Twitter in order to enable this feature and you can view the instructions on how to do that here.
  5. Once done entering all the appropriate information in the appropriate fields click on “Save”.

Unlike Facebook where you can only use a Facebook page for your support portal, Twitter you can use a regular account. It is best practices to dedicate a Twitter account for support.