Last Updated Condition Sending Emails Every Five Minutes

When creating a ticket rule you can specify some conditions like the last time a ticket was updated in days or hours. This usually means the last time a response was made on the ticket, status was changed, the department was reassigned or pretty much anything that changes the ticket.

Why every 5 minutes?

The reason you may be receiving an email or whatever response you specified in your ticket rule is because our scripts check every 5 minutes for rules that have an update specified in the conditions. If you are getting a response every 5 minutes there are a few things you can do to help stop or slow down the process.

  • Update the ticket – If you want to stop the rule from triggering then just change something on the ticket. This can usually be simply responding to the user with an update or some sort. The update condition is to help keep you on your toes.
  • Add more conditions – Example: You can specify that you just want tickets that are currently Open or Pending. Solved and Closed tickets generally do not need to be updated so it would be wise to add those conditions.