Adding Additional Agents To Tickets

Sometimes when you are dealing with a ticket there may be times that you need to bring another agent on board to help assist with that ticket. Assigning additional agents to tickets provides this exact need and it’s very simple.

How to assign additional agents to a ticket?

When you are viewing the details of your ticket you will see on the right column an option called “Additional agents”. If you expand that selection you can click on the button “Add agent” and select an agent you want to add to this ticket.


Will additional agents be notified of changes or updates to the ticket?

Additional agents are treated no different than the assigned agent to that ticket. If you have ticket rules in place that notify users of comments made or status changes those additional agents will be notified just like the assigned agent.

I want to assign an additional agent to a ticket but they are not part of the department, can I still assign them?

Yes, whether that agent is part of that ticket department or not will not matter. You can assign any agent from any department to any ticket. Since the way agents view tickets is based on their assigned departments normally the agent will not see any tickets in other departments, but if an agent in another department is assigned to a ticket department they are assigned to they will still be able to see that ticket when viewing them. If you do not want the agent to see that ticket anymore then simply remove them as an additional agent and they will no longer have access to that ticket as long as they are not assigned to the department the ticket is.